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Marble, Travertine, Limestone Floor Cleaning Surrey & Sussex

Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Terrazzo floors have a natural beauty and add a touch of style and luxury to any home or business.

Natural stone floors are an expensive investment and need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition and prevent costly damage. We provide experienced floor cleaning and polishing technicians for all types of natural stone floors across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Kent.

Floor Problems

Over time without the correct level of cleaning and maintenance, natural stone floors will deteriorate, lose their original matt or gloss finish and become lifeless and dull. Dirt, sand and grit from continuous foot traffic will ground the floor surface causing microscopic scratches that will dull and reduce the floors reflective properties.

Etch marks, stains, dirty holes and grout lines will also affect the whole look and appearance of the floor, the use of incorrect cleaning products and procedures will degrade, damage and dull natural stone floors very quickly.

Unfortunately unqualified and poorly trained cleaners and cleaning companies are often the cause of the damage as they don’t have the experience, correct products and equipment to maintain and protect natural stone floors correctly.

The majority of our work is carried out in high traffic areas such as entrance halls, kitchens and bathrooms receiving more wear and stains that require higher levels of maintenance.

Recent Projects

Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Terrazzo floors require regular maintenance to keep the floor in good health, our technicians will deep clean, diamond grind, diamond hone, diamond polish and powder polish natural stone floor surfaces to remove all contaminants, scratches and restore the original reflective properties before correctly sealing the floor on completion.

Once we have completed the refurbishment and restoration of the floor surface we provide you with our stone care maintenance guide that will instruct you on how to protect the floor using the correct cleaning processes and products on a week to week basis, we then add you to our database that will automatically contact you when your floor requires maintenance. Learn More →

Floor Survey

We carry out a full survey of the floor to a determine its type, area and level of refurbishment required, once we have collated this information with our standard pricing schedule we forward you our quotation and our cleaning and maintenance recommendations. Many customers send photos of the floor together with the area which allows us to provide a budget figure before a full survey is carried out. Travertine, Limestone, Marble Floor Cleaning Surrey & Sussex

Floor Types

Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble comes in many different colours with natural veining, textures and patterns, a metamorphic rock formed from limestone at very high temperatures and pressures within the earth’s crust.

Marble has a crystalline structure and can be polished to improve its shine and when refined makes it less susceptible to water damage. However, marble is made of calcium carbonate which is very susceptible to acidic agents that will dull and etch its surface.

Limestone Floor Cleaning

Limestone is a natural organic sedimentary rock formed from the remains of tiny shells and micro skeletons deposited on the seabed then compressed to form solid rock. Limestone is porous and needs to be sealed at installation stage and resealed regularly to keep it protected.

It is usually white and creamy in colour but natural impurities in the rock such as iron oxide can colour it, it can have both a matte or a polished finish, it is softer than marble and therefore prone to wear and sensitivity to alkaline.

Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs and comes in white, tan and cream coloured varieties. It has a honeycomb structure and comes in either a natural or filled finish; the filled areas do not polish and together with the water bands provide its interesting contrasting shades and patterns.


  • Dull polished finish
  • Scratches & gouges
  • Dirty tiles
  • Dirty grout lines
  • Dirty pits & holes
  • Yellowing
  • Etch marks, water & ring marks
  • Food & drink stains
  • Lippage – Uneven laid tiles
  • Large & small cracks
  • Missing fill, pits & holes

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

The condition, the location of the floors surface finish will determine the cleaning and polishing process required, if the floor surface has heavy scratches then it will require diamond grinding, honing and polishing to remove deep scratches and gouges.

If the floor surface is dull and has light scratches then refurbishing the floor can be done using diamond skimming and diamond polishing methods to get a polished finish, this process can be followed by a powder polishing process that will provide a high gloss mirror finish on polished stone floors.

Granite floors are the hardest and most durable of all natural stone flooring formed by slow crystallisation of liquid magma deep within the earth’s surface. Granite comes in a variety of colours and patterns and has the hardness and durability of a diamond and when polished it is very resistant to scratch and etch marks.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Granite floors that become dull and lifeless through constant wear can be refurbished to a high gloss finish using our unique waterless product that is applied to the floor and worked on with a slow speed rotary machine with wire wool pads.

This system allows us to work in areas where water is prohibited to achieve a highly polished finish.


Terrazzo is a composite material and consists of or a mixture of different coloured marble, quartz, granite and glass chippings within a Portland or epoxy based binders. Terrazzo floors can be laid precast or in slab form, poured terrazzo floors are cured and then ground down and polished.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Depending on the condition of the Terrazzo surface and its location will determine the restoration process, if the surface has heavy scratches it will require diamond grinding, diamond honing and diamond polishing to remove deep scratches. Light scratches will require diamond skimming and polishing pads to get a polished finish and powder polishing to provide a high gloss finish.

Terrazzo floor and stairs can be deep cleaned using specialist terrazzo cleaners used to remove soil and dirt or what we call mop scum that accumulates around floors, skirting’s, stair treads and risers.

Deep stone cleaners will only remove a certain amount of dirt, heavy soiling will require honing to remove the dirt fully.

These surfaces become dull and lose their polished finish as a result of staining from cosmetics, food, drink and incorrect cleaning products.

Problems: –

  • Dull polished finish
  • Etch marks, ring & watermarks
  • Stains
  • Scratches & chips

Floor Cleaning & Polishing

We diamond hone, diamond polish the surfaces to remove etch marks and dull spots before adding a wax polish finish to help protect the surface and enhance the finish.

Our Services

Diamond Floor Grinding

We grind down the floor with a heavy rotary machine containing course grade diamonds which removes deep gouges and scratches.

Diamond Floor Honing

We grind down the floor with medium grade diamonds to produce a smooth flat finish known as a matte or honed finish; this process will remove medium scratches and etch marks.

Honing powders can also be used to increase the smoothness of the floor.

Diamond Floor Polishing

The floor is polished from a honed finish with fine grades of diamonds to produce a polished finish.

Powder polishing is the final method after diamond polishing to achieve that high gloss mirrored finish.

We use this method as a part of a regular maintenance procedure after the refurbishment of the floor has been carried out.

This process works by creating a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate surface of the stone and produces a high gloss mirror finish.

Lippage is the removal of stone edges that are higher than the adjacent edges giving the floor surface and uneven appearance.

We use special coarse grade diamonds to flatten the raised stone edges to provide an even finish.

Most stone sealers are below the surface sealers called impregnating sealers that will not alter the original finish of the floor. On newly installed floors its recommended to have them sealed and topped up at a later date to keep the floor protected.

Impregnating seals are designed to be absorbed by the stone to clog its pores reducing its absorbency rate which will help prevent possible accidental spills and stains from being absorbed by the stone.

We manually clean every grout line with a grout brush, this attention to detail provides us with the best grout cleaning results.
Stain removal

We use various stain removing products, diamond disks and poultice methods to remove etch marks and stains from the stone floor.

Crack repairs

We repair cracks by filling with either a grout or an epoxy resin that’s allowed to dry before honing and polishing to help match the existing stone.

Pits and Holes

After cleaning out all the pits and holes manually we fill them with grout or an epoxy resin before honing and polishing to a smooth finish.

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