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Wood floors are an expensive investment that adds warmth, character and elegance to many homes, wood floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to protect them against costly and inconvenient re-sanding and finishing.

Wood floors are very durable but can become damaged and worn leaving them with a less than attractive appearance, the main problems with wood floors are they become dull, worn and dirty due to incorrect cleaning and maintenance processes. We provide fully trained and experienced wood floor cleaning technicians who can clean, polish and maintain all types of wood and laminate floors. 

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Not all wood floors need sanding back and re dressing as most floors just require the correct cleaning and maintenance process to bring them back to life.

This section discusses the types of wood floors, finishes and associated problems. We also discuss the cleaning and maintenance methods to put them right.  If the floor is in a really bad condition and worn it may be time for sanding. Learn More →

Oil & Wax finish

Oil sinks into the wood grain and gives a natural look, wax can do the same or sit on top of the wood.


  • Wax and oil coats can get worn by continuous foot traffic grinding dirt, grit and sand into the finish.
  • The floor finish becomes dull, dirty with scuff marks.
  • Incorrect cleaning products will help remove the protective wax and oil coats.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Process

We burnish the wood floor with a high-speed rotary machine with a hard brush attachment that spins around at high speed creating heat that emulsifies the oil and wax and removes the dirt and smear marks.

The wood is then ready to receive a new oil or wax coat before finally polishing the floor with a high-speed polishing machine.

When a wood floor has been neglected and has lost its wax or oil finish and the dirt has penetrated the wood grain it will require stripping with a solvent based cleaner to remove the dirt and remaining oil & wax finishes. The floor is then allowed to dry for a day before applying new wax or oil coats and polishing. 

Lacquer finished floors

Most lacquers give an appearance of an obvious coating to the floor surface as they sit on top of the wood, whereas oils sink in enhancing the grain of the wood and giving a more natural look.


Foot traffic wears the lacquered finish and leaves scratches on the surface and the only way to repair this damage is to sand back the floor and start again. We advise that applying an emulsion polish to a lacquered floor helps prevent wear to the lacquered finish as the polish takes the scratches and wear.

This process will require cleaning of the lacquered surface before applying coats of emulsion polish that will provide a satin of high gloss finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance Process

We burnish and clean the floor finish with a rotary machine and a cleaning agent to clean and remove dirt and smear marks, this leaves the floor finish with little or no shine. Once this process has been carried out we apply emulsion polish coats to the lacquered surface to provide a satin or a high gloss finish.

This polish helps protect both the wood and lacquered surface and can be burnished and more emulsion polish coats applied as part of annual maintenance.


Laminate floors are bonded layers of fibre boards with a decorative wood print layer covered with a hard wearing laminate layer.


The wearing layer becomes dull and dirty with grease and smear marks.

Cleaning & Maintenance Process

Laminate floors are buffed with a rotary machine and a floor cleaning agent to remove the dirt, grease and smear marks, this process will clean the laminate but doesn’t always leave a sheen.

If a sheen is required we apply an emulsion polish to the surface that will provide either a satin or a high gloss finish depending on the client’s preference, the emulsion polish will protect the laminate floor and can be burnished and buffed at a later date and more polish applied as part of annual maintenance.

Floor Types

  • Hardwood floors
  • Engineered wood floors
  • Laminate floors

Wood Floor Finishes

  • Lacquer
  • Oil
  • Wax

Wood Floor Maintenance 

  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Wood floor buffing, burnishing & polishing
  • Oil & wax floor stripping
  • Wood floor sanding, staining, lacquering, oiling, waxing
  • Wood floor polishing
  • Wood floor maintenance
We have been working closely with our partner company The Wood Gallery to meet our existing customer demands and now as a result of a good working relationship we forward all wood floor sanding projects onto them directly.

We do however carry out all 6 – 12 monthly cleaning and maintenance services for all wood and laminate floors including re-oiling, waxing and polishing.

‘The Wood Gallery’ provide professional and experienced technicians that can transform a wood floor whilst preserving its natural features by removing stains, scratches, dents and general wear which will refresh and restore the wood’s natural beauty.

Why Choose ‘The Wood Gallery’

Like many aspects of their business the success is largely built upon word of mouth, whether its floor fitting, floor sanding or repairs, they take great pride in offering the very best service.

The Sanding Process


Narrow gaps and small imperfections are filled using a solvent based resins. Wider gaps are filled by inserting narrow ‘fillets’ and filled with the same solvent based resin, boards are repaired and replace, joint ends, holes and knots are filled.


We use dust free sanding machines and start with a course sanding grades up to a fine grade sanding paper.


We apply lacquer and sand the floor between each coat to ensure that any ‘nibs’ are re removed to give a truly smooth surface.


We supply a range of hard wearing floor sealants that come in matte, satin and gloss finishes, these water-based polyurethane resins are very hard wearing and can be used for both domestic and commercial properties.


Staining the floor will give the floor a new look with a range of stains and colours on offer.

Sanding Process

We move furniture, seal the room to prevent dust spreading throughout the premises.

Sanding begins by stripping away a thin layer of wood, dirt, dents and scratches to reveal the wood beneath.

We apply three coats of water-based varnish, ensuring to buff between the coats for added shine.

Preparation & Repair

If you have lifted a carpet to find an old wooden floor that requires work, don’t worry many older floors will require some preparation before the sanding work can begin, our technicians can fill gaps, repair or replace damaged or missing boards, skirting and joists to get your floor ready for sanding.

Finishes & Seals.

Once your floor has been sanded we will seal it to protect the wood and a wide variety of lacquers, oil and wax finishes.

Don’t DIY! Use a professional company, the equipment supplied by hire shops is not the same as the equipment used by professionals.

You may think doing the work your self will save you money, the hire equipment is not dust free and you will need to hire 3 or 4 machines for sanding edges and corners and it will take 3 times as long to achieve an inferior finished floor.

Hire prices do not include sanding belts and disks, expect to use a lot due to the lack of power these machines provide. Carrying out the work yourself will only save you approx. £100 and you will have spent difficult and dusty few days to have a floor that you are unhappy with.

The cost of the floor finishes are very high and you will not be able to get the trade discounts we get, expect a lot of wastage.

We get called out all the time to finish off wood floors where someone has hired the machines and has given up or have been unhappy with the marks that appear on the floor from the lack of experience and the incorrect equipment.

Wood Floor Maintenance Services

Once we have cleaned and refurbished the wood floor we will provide you with the correct cleaning and maintenance program that will be tailored to your specific wood floor type and finish, we will then add you to our maintenance database that will automatically contact you when your floor requires maintenance. Learn More →

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